Impinging jet full field flow velocity and turbulence intensity from PIV measurements in jet impingement study by T.S. O´Donovan (EUROTHERM Award winner, 2008). This image shows pore scale simulation of heat and mass transfer in a metal foam. Plane sections: fluid velocity, solid surface and stream lines colored by solid and fluid temperature. Solid structure is reconstructed from 3D sample tomography. Simulations performed to obtain the effective (macroscale) transfer properties.  IUSTI Lab/Heat and Mass Transfer team/Jean-Michel HUGO  This image is taken from a study of the characterization of transient distributed surface sources through infrared thermography by Vintrou, Lariqi, Bauzin and Bairi and was presented at EUROTHERM seminar 94 (Metti 5). In this work the spatial and temporal distributions of a heat flux distribution received by the front surface of a thin metal plate are inferred from the temperature distribution measured on the back face by ir thermal imaging (shown here). This image shows the temperature field behind a heated cylinder, measured using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF). The flow has a Reynolds number of 130 and a Richardson number of 1.5. This image is taken from a study by Seuntiëns, Rindt and van Steenhoven (


The EUROTHERM Committee was formed in Brussels on 16 October 1986 following an initiative taken at the 8th International Heat Transfer Conference in San Francisco earlier that year. The aim of EUROTHERM is to promote and foster European cooperation in Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer by gathering together scientists and engineers working in specialised areas.

Function of EUROTHERM

Summarizing the function of EUROTHERM is:
  • -organization of seminars in the field of Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer
  • -organization of a European Thermal Sciences Conference every four years
  • -liaison with the EU on thermal sciences and energy related topics. Stimulation of participation of EU programmes through network function of EUROTHERM
  • -contacts and cooperation between the different national bodies on thermal sciences
  • -stimulation of young heat transfer scientists by the EUROTHERM Young Scientist Prizes

Structure of EUROTHERM

The statute of the EUROTHERM Committee has been approved by the major appropriate European scientific bodies and communities. The Committee consists of members representing and appointed by national bodies in the EU countries. Two members from each country may be appointed. The Committee organises and coordinates European scientific events such as Seminars in the field of thermal sciences and their application. About 5 Seminars are held each year, attracting 30 to 100 participants each. The European Thermal Sciences Conferences are organised every four years in cooperation with a National Heat Transfer Conference. Proposals for Seminars and Conferences from the different EU countries are encouraged and should be submitted to the Committee through their representatives. A proposal form to apply for the organization of a Eurotherm Seminar is available here in pdf format and rtf format. Where appropriate scientists and engineers from countries outside the EU are invited to participate in the seminars which are always held within the EU countries. The local organisation is responsible for administrative and financial aspects of each Seminar. EUROTHERM also encourages European cooperation in other ways which include liaison with the EU on thermal sciences and sponsoring the European Young Scientist Prizes.


The objective of the EUROTHERM Seminars is to create within the European Community a forum for high-level scientific and technical interchange of ideas and developments in the thermal sciences and heat transfer, and their applications. This field is relevant to the challenges Europe faces: technological developments, energy resources and the solution of environmental problems. The primary aim of the seminars is to stimulate discussion and liaison between specialist groups. The publication of the papers presented at the seminars is encouraged. EUROTHERM strives to have participation from industries, universities and research institutes on relevant topics in research and development. A list of past and future Seminars and Conferences are available. Guidelines for organization of Eurotherm Seminars and Conferences is also available.


The EUROTHERM Committee currently has 32 representatives from 16 European countries. A full list of the EUROTHERM Members is available here.
  • -The current President (2018-2022) is Professor Janusz S. Szmyd, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
  • -The Secretary (2018-2022) is Professor Pedro J. M. Coelho, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

EUROTHERM Committee Honorary Members

The EUROTHERM Committee is pleased to acknowledge as honorary members the Founding Members and past-Presidents. They are:

  • -J.P. Bardon, France (President 1987-1990)
  • -G.P. Celata, Italy (President 1996-2002)
  • -M. Combarnous, France (1940–2018)
  • -M. Cumo, Italy
  • -J. Gosse, France
  • -G.F. Hewitt, United Kingdom (1934-2019)
  • -C.J. Hoogendoorn (1930 - 2012), The Netherlands (President 1990-1993)
  • -P. Di Marco, Italy (President 2014-2018)
  • -H. Mueller Steinhagen (President 2006-2010)
  • -J.F. Sacadura, France
  • -J.B. Saulnier, France (President 2002-2006)
  • -K. Stephan, Germany (President 1993-1996)
  • -A. van Steenhoven, Netherlands (President 2010-2014)



8th European Thermal Sciences Conference
6-10 September, 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Conference website

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Special issue dedicated to the seventh European Thermal-Sciences Conference (EUROTHERM 2016) held in Krakow, Poland in June 2016 has been published. Heat and Mass Transfer, August 2018, Volume 54, Issue 8, pp.2173–2174)

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